Need help to expand; deal with a short-term project; cover for someone off ill; or simply require another pair of eyes and hands.

CV Links has a bank of undergraduates prepared to take on projects or short-term interim work to support small businesses. They will gain valuable experience required, sometimes as part of their degree, or to prepare them to enter full-time employment and completion of their studies.

Support can be offered to all types of businesses with topics covering Law; Accountancy; Marketing; Social Media Promotion; Engineering; Design; Sport; Business Development Including Business Plans, and many others.

We will match the interns to the work experience opportunity, taking into account your business need. Once a match has been made you will be able to contact the intern and make arrangements for the work experience. Please note that the work must be able to be carried out remotely but Covid 19 has proved how successful this can be integrated. Our experience has included providing individuals and up to 50 for one particularly large project.

For further information, please send an email to with a description of the role, duration of the role and the number of interns required.