About Us

We find enthusiastic and talented individuals to assist busy business owners.

When startups begin to grow, business owners find themselves overburdened with responsibilities. With so much to do, these individuals find themselves in a tricky dilemma: whether to commit valuable resources towards hiring an employee and deal with the additional responsibilities; or to struggle on alone.

We offer a third option. Business owners can tell us what they are struggling with and we will find the perfect assistant to help shoulder the burden.

We know that there are thousands of talented individuals out there searching for work and experience. We know where to look and identify the personality traits that makesa great assistant. We take away all of the busy work of recruitment and administration.

Why do we do what we do?

It has always been tough for talented individuals to break into the jobs market, more so now than ever. We do not think that it is fair that both entry-level job seekers and small businesses should struggle.

We want to help struggling business owners survive and thrive, and we also want to do our bit to tackle unemployment.

We strongly believe that these two groups can help each other in a big way, and our mission is to bring them together.

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